Caring for someone you love can be:



Exhausting and…

Financially Painful

Now . . . There is a Better Way

Caring for a parent, aging spouse, or partner can be emotionally and financially painful and overwhelming.

However, you can find joy and freedom in caring for those you love.
Learn how to avoid the tricks, traps, and costly mistakes that cause stress, confusion, and exhaustion.
We know the inside secretes that other don’t know or won’t share.
There is a better way!

CareManity is specifically for those of us who are overwhelmed while caring for those we love.

Are you here?

Too often, we as caregivers become overwhelmed, exhausted, angry, and financially drained. Sadly, caring for a parent or spouse can hurt us, as well others in our families. It’s easy to find news articles and real-life stories that confirm this time and again.

We never expected our own lives to wind up in chaos and jeopardy, because we wanted to do what’s right for them. Our parents never wanted us to be under such stress, or for this to happen to us.

Dangers lurk where least expected!
The aging care industry is now a huge impersonal business!

Being a caregiver and provider has always been fraught with complexities. However, the opportunities to make lots of money often attract the worst and corrupt the best. We as caregivers need to be aware of this.

Schemes, scams, and traps, purposefully developed to pull at our hearts and overwhelm our heads, grow by the day. It’s quite common for caregivers looking for advice to be bombarded by fear-driven pressures into making snap decisions that are hard to back out of.

What’s worse, is when offers to help you are cleverly disguised and engineered to suck cash out of you and your parent’s bank accounts. Many who frantically sought help, have ended up emotionally and financially crushed.

Knowledge has always meant power.
We’ve known few professionals in healthcare, law, finance, and social work who can confidently tell you where to get help, or how to unravel from mistakes. Many themselves, fall for the same tricks and traps as you because they didn’t know what to expect or suspect along their own journeys.

Some even become unwittingly involved in perpetuating those tricks and traps because it’s easier to believe and say, “that is how things are done.”

You don’t have to be overly fearful or paranoid.

Instead, you do need to be aware and know what to look out for and how to fix mistakes when they happen.

That’s where CareManity comes in.
We continuously listen, pay attention to personal stories and published articles, compare and monitor trends, and research solutions to the biggest challenges that caregivers and their families face. The caregiving journey is difficult, missteps can and will happen. It’s critical, however, to see and avoid falling into the big holes along the way that will suddenly and irreversibly end everything you’ve been trying to do.

Our inside experts and researchers have been and continue to develop useful and timely tips, tools and solutions to the issues you face. We also have DIY and How-To programs and courses that are easy to follow and right for your needs. Small private group help discussions are available to join in along your journey. We even have concierge-style guidance for those who need hands-on, assistance to make decisions, find resources, and implement solutions that work best for you.

Gadgets and more!
Buy this, no buy that, or this. . .

There are tons of free or low-cost tools and items that you can get for aging caregiving.
Once bought though, many find that a lot of these don’t work as expected or could even create more harm than good.

We offer reviews and updates on many key items offered out there so that you can better decide what will improve the quality of your parent’s lives and make your caregiving easier.

Who do you trust?

CareManity continuously researches, screens, and “vets” prime service providers who truly have your best interests at heart. Yes, there are many out there who don’t care, or should be working elsewhere. Separating the wheat from the chaff in this field of providers isn’t always easy.

We help you make better decisions about who to work with and when, for your current situation, and even how to switch providers, when or if needed.

There’s so much more to CareManity.

It’s all about bringing humanity, and care back together again for you, your parents, and those you love and want to do well for.

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